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The Flash Market Foundation.


Businesses who use Flash Market are put on a level playing field with the online shopping giants by utilising our central sales and marketing platform to reach all their local consumers. 

  • It’s the most effective & inexpensive sales and marketing platform available.
  • It will maximise profits by minimising downtime, excess inventory and cancellations
  • It will revitalise the bricks and mortar sector by bringing consumers back through the door to claim sales
  • Real-time deals and flash sales
  • Weekly specials constantly refreshing on their smartphone
  • Everyday items across all industries
  • Savings on products, trades and services


As an Independent Affiliate, YOU will love Flash Market because it is your opportunity to simply promote an App and be paid across three different revenue streams. 

Top 3 FAQs

Flash Market is an Australian created free mobile sales and marketing platform that eliminates coupons, user subscriptions and group buying. It puts real time, localised offers for everyday goods and services in mobile user’s hands. For retailers, trades & services it’s a way to get instant offers out to the people who will want to snap them up.
For retailers our vision is to put bricks and mortar businesses on a level playing field with the online shopping giants. The app is designed to help businesses maximise their profits and drive more consumers through their door. It gives businesses an unlimited ability to post instant deals and flash sales on everyday goods and services to cover cancellations, quiet times, excess stock and products that have a short shelf-life.
Flash Market covers all Businesses including retail, trades & services in all industries Australia wide and soon to launch globally.

01.Independent Affiliate


Join as an Affiliate for a one-off cost of $55.00 and only pay $22.00 per month for your business software to operate your home based business. 



Join as a Retailer, Trade or Service and only pay $55.00 per month to access the Flash Market platform to post unlimited deals to all your local consumers.

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